Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Parking problem

There are some things i really want to discus with people.Have you ever observed in the Two-wheeler parkings,they charge Rs 10-15 to look after the vehicle and still they dont take responsibility of helmet, even if i lock the helmet with helmet lock.
I have a point to raise at this. Why wont they take responsibility of helmet? My helmet is locked with the bike so technically it is the part of my bike and if somebody tries to steal the helmet, he has to touch the bike also. And since i have given parking fee, they should protect my vehicle if some stranger touches it. So this way they are responsible to any damage caused to my helmet.


prasanna said...

buddy..... I would attach my wallet with a rope in my bike and say its their responsibility to protect it.... Thats not a cogent argument dude !!!!

Nitin Nigam said...

Sorry dear Prasanna,
Thats poor logic. I live in a city where wearing helmet is mandatory. Helmet lock is dedicatedly designed for locking helmet. I wont carry helmet into shopping mall or movie theatre. While locking helmet to helmet lock is logical, tying wallet to ur bike is foolish.