Monday, January 29, 2007

Reality Shows-Drama Reinvented

One of the most visible shows on the TV nowdays are reality shows. And there seems nothing real on these shows except the emotions of poor viewers. There are some common characteristics of every reality show-

  1. They claim to be the biggest talent hunt show in the country.
  2. A bunch of judges are installed. Who are instructed to thrash the participant now and then, so that emotional Junta feels the need to keep these sad faces in the game.
  3. SMS voting is a part of every show, that provides the basic food for survival for the shows.
  4. Generally these shows dont bother to reveal how many sms's do they get. They only declare the results.
  5. There remains a black sheep who despite not being liked by public keeps climbing the stairs to the top. No matter how many people vote against him, he keeps getting saved (So that Bholi Bhali Junta give another try voting him out and the producers of the show mint some more money.)
  6. There are some deliberately stuffed ADs of the sponsers like mobile phone companies. The anchor tells the viewers that they can send SMS from Blah Blah handset also...(Amazing no? i thouhgt that we can send SMS from Landline only)
  7. Most thrilling part of the show happens to be the elimination day. All they have to do is announce the name of the one who gets eliminated, but they do in with a lot more creative manner. And announcement of 1 name takes about 1 hour.All the the drama is carried till viewers get emotionally exhausted. Friendship among the participant on this days gives Jai-Veeru run for their money. Specially after the name is announced, the one who is eliminated tries to show that he was expecting the same, while others start the drama. They weep like Nirupa Roy used to do in old hindi movies whenever she lost her son.

Some times judges also take part in this by indulging in vocal exchanges.The most flawed part of this concept is multiple voting. A viewer can send as much votes he can to his favourite contestent. Here come regionalism into play. But its very unlikely that this is going to change because its all about earning money.
Long live melodrama. The audience who seemed to get sick of the Saas-Bahu Drama, has now found a new way of watching people shed croco teers - The Reality Shows.