Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blood Diamond

I watched Blood Diamond few days back. Needless to say, like any sensetive human being, i was shocked to know about the dark reality behind those shiny diamonds.

Ever since i read about the diamond mines of Africa(way back in 6th standard), i used to think that these people have got a lovely gift from mother nature. Just like gulf countries got the gift of oil pits. And those oil pits are fetching huge money to them, making them prosperous. In contrast to this scenario, Blood Diamond shows how brutally the natives of africa are treated to make them work for diamond minning. Their families are killed in front of them, those who deny working in mines are handicapped. Life has no meaning there, future doesnt exist for them. Every diamond that comes from those mines has caused blood shed of some family, has shattered the future of some kids.

Can this be stopped? Many people decided not to buy diamond ever after watching the movie. Will this cause bloddy minners to stop playing with the lives of people? When will it stop? I was surrounded with this question for few days. I got the answer from the punch line of a commercial ad that says, "Heera hai sada ke liye" (Diamond is forever).

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