Friday, March 30, 2007


One of the things on top of my hit list is chain mails. I really get annoyed when i receive any mail that claims that it can get you good fortune/money in ur account or some thing like that. If i get that as spam its other thing, but if i get those from those enlightened people who i think are from a better educated lot, i feel like slapping them.

Most mails generally have the picture of some God and it says,"This mail should be forwarded to atleast 5 people within next 30 mins else the God will be furious at you and may bring you misfortune, however if you forward it to 10 people, you may get love/ 15 people, you may get promotion blah blah blah".... and since this much is not enough to inspire people, these mails contain the testimonials from some fake names. One would say, "I forwarded it to 5 people and received the good grades", other would say "i ignored it and lost huge amount in business". Whenever i receive such mail, i immediately send this mail back 10 times to the sender. How do people believe such things. As if god has nothing to do, but to look into the mail box of each person and reward them based upon how many times he has forwarded the particular mail. Seems God has become tech savy.

Second catagory is the mail that says,"Bill gates is sharing his fortune with you. Forward this mail and You will get $250 or so for each forward, and $240 for each subsequent forward and blah blah".. Again this type of mails also enclose testimony of people who accept that they got money depposited in their bank account. Some say that they got $2000 deposited in their HDFC account in Pune(India). I wonder how they deposited Dollars in Indian account. Another important point to note here is, these mails dont ask for bank account details Surprisingly without asking about the account details somebody put money in their accounts. And some wise people keep forwarding mails in expectation of big bucks.

Another kind of chain message was doing round in yahoo messengers. It said,"Yahoo people are sealing the unused accounts, so keep forwarding this message to ensure them that you are still operating the account". I have a question here. Cant the Yahoo guys simply track who is logging into the account to get assured of account's activity. How come only forwarding the particular message will notify them abt the account's active status? Some people say that Yahoo will give Nokia cellphone to everybody who forwards the message. Come on man!!! what's the logic behind it? At least think before you believe anything. If they start giving out nokia phones like this, they will go bankrupt in one day.

Now since you have gone through this article, Send this article to

  • 10 people, and probably 5 of them will come and beat you up.
  • 5 people, and nothing will happen to your life.
  • Dont send it to anybody and you will have a nice day.



pilot-pooja said...

Quite a humorous post, I really enjoyed going thru it..

nd yah since i am not going to forward it to anyone..lets see if any INR get transferred to my account!

Amit Mittal said...

hahaha, why didn;t you mention abt the lady working in siemens ...her husband has been on the bed since 10 years, poor soul, i wonder why didn't she let him die...i mean 10 yrs on the bed ...:)

Nitin Nigam said...

Hey Pooja, i didnt promised any INR for not forwarding the article. But hope you had a nice time reading it.

Amit, i really missed that one yar. That siemens lady is iron lady. 10 years of undying faith in the power of internet. Woof!!!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Good one... You might like to read my post on email superstition: