Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why men love gadgets more than they love gals...

Guys, I don't take any responsibility if following characteristics don't match the characteristics of your gal. Although i would like to take pride if their characteristics do match.

  • Gadgets follow the instructions word by word.
  • Gadgets turn on with in a second.
  • Gadgets dont ask questions.
  • Gadgets dont stop working if you dont get them new accesories every month.
  • With time, gadgets become smaller and smarter.
  • With in 10 mins you can know exactly how would a Gadget behave in which situation, just by reading the instruction mannual.


Joanna Stern said...

Hi. I saw your post on why guys like gadgets more than girls. I am writing an article for LAPTOP Magazine on exactly this and would love to talk to you. Do you feel that way? Either way, your post is very funny. Could you email me at JStern@bedfordmags.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Nisha said...

Some devies can be put on mute as well :-)

Anonymous said...

It was really funny.. I really liked it..