Saturday, September 16, 2006

DLF Cup or D/L Cup

India's last 2 outings were stabbed by bad weather. Both the time weather seems to be favouring the indian opponent. While in first match Indian batsmen put up a good show, and bowlers didnt get the chance to finish the game, in the second, bowlers showed their skills and batsmen were disappointed by rain.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Whom to blame???

India is a country with wonderful people. Everybody has some or other complaint from the govt/society. And everybody is a part of these systems but how easily they ignore their own responsibility towards the system and point fingers on others.
The day started as usual. Ravi Saxena, a Govt employee was as usual getting late for the office. He checked his schedule....9:30 office, 12:30-1:00 He has to go to Bunty's school to pay the fee for next 3 months, 5 PM meeting with property dealer........
Ravi catches the bus and shoots towards his office situated in Govindpuri. He is already 10 mins late and there is a long queue in front of his counter. Some already started cursing the way govt employees work. So its just another day started with hassles.
As the clock ticks past 12:15 he start worrying coz he has to go to kidwai Nagar and diposite the fee of his 8 year old kid. Today is the last day otherwise he'll have to face Rs. 500/- as penalty. He puts "Out for Lunch" board on his window and shoots towards the exit. The people in the queue start shouting as they see him putting that board. Lunch time is 1:00 PM and its still 12:15 PM........................
Ravi straightway catches an autorickshaw, as he has to reach before 1:00 (Lunch time in the school). Another office and another queue. Seems there's nothing happening in this country, as india stands way behind in the list of developing nations, Ravi is also way behind in the queue. Waiting for his turn. And before he could reach the window, the clock ticks to 1:00 and the counter is closed till 1:30.
He cant do anything but to wait till 1:30. The clerk at fee window (Subhash) also has same story. He will skip his lunch to pay his electricity bill else his family would have to reamin in dark.
Subhash is rushing towards the Saket Nagar office of Electricity Supply Board. He spots the shortest queue and stands waiting. The moment you pick a queue, the other queue seems to be moving faster. Anyways, Subhash is the one who is not moved by such mirages. But this time his queue really stopped moving. The person in the window is processing very slowly. The actual worker ("Vinod Kumar",as the name plate reads )of this window is on half day today, so a person who has no experience of handling the working,is made to sit and dealing at the window. Just another face of India. Here are wrong people at wrong place at wrong times. Even computerization cannot help in such situation. It reminds me of a principle of physical chemistry,"A process is as slow as its slowest event"
God!!! what will happen to this country....lots of efforts go without result,how can we progress? Meanwhile Vinod Kumar is standing in another queue, waiting for the person in reservation counter to come after lunch. Lunch time is over an hour before, but the person on duty hasnt returned to his seat. And again the crowd seems annoyed at the way proceedings take place in govt offices. The name plate on the counter reads "Ravi Saxena".....................