Saturday, February 10, 2007

Playing with emotions

Here comes the month of february and cupid starts aiming at wallets of lovers(I thought cupid used to struck hearts). 8-9 years back when i first heard about valentine's day, i could never imagine this phenomenon will take the shape it has taken today. It was destined to become popular since it had something do with love. As i see it, valentine's day is the day to express your love to the people you love. Be it anybody. But it is being publicized as the couple's day. Not even that, they have started declaring 2nd week of feb as Valentine's week. Last year at a reputed gift store, i saw days between 8-14 Feb categorised as chocolate-day,teddy-day,greetingcard-day,soft-toy day,rose-day,{another-gift-item}day. I know the reason behind 14th Feb. There was a saint valentine and blah blah... but who the hell created valentine's week? This is where i feel sad about all the phenomenon. All these big players in gift/card market are the creators of such unwanted days. I wonder why there is no Ice cream day in the valentine week. As far as my senses are concerned, ice-creams are no less romantic than chocolates/teddy or roses. Why there is no Pizza day? I find pizza very exotic at times. The answer is, simply because these gift stores dont sell ice-creams/pizzas. Once they tie up with Baskin & Robbins or Pizza Hut etc there might pop up a pizza day or a vanilla day in valentine week.
I dont give into these emotional traps... Never.... But what can do alone? She also has to understand right? Ohh 14th is fast approaching. I've got to get some valentine gift. Umm...and what it should be? A paper card? Nops thats not enough. What would i tell my friends? I gave her only a paper-card... Sounds so cheap. I wish there was a barter system. Emotions would not have a price tag then. May be a rose also? Seems i am not able to decide upon a deserving gift. Idea!!! lets go to some gift shop and pick something mushy from there. Afterall these gift shops are not that bad either. Today they saved me lot of time and emotional energy. Whats wrong if they charge for it? They are not doing a charity afterall.