Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Shameful Act

Yesterday i saw Mr. Farookh Abdulla protesting against the death sentence for Mohd. Afzal (the man who helped the terrorists to plan the attack on Indian Parliament). Abdulla says that if Afzal is given the death penalty then sentiments of people in J&K could not be controlled.
How a responsible(?) leader can probably think of nurturing such sentiments. He is justifying the people who are against this SC order? And that too on the name of religion? Disgusting.

What a message it will give to the terrorists, "Come to India,kill people, do whatever you want to do.. at the end of the day somebody will stand in favour of you and you wont get death sentence". And then again attempts like hijacking IC-816 will happen to free those terrorists.

And then Mr. Abdulla gives an argument that, there were some more poeple involved in this attack. And if some time down the line pakistan hands them over to India(Pak will handover only if India promises that they wont be given death sentence) in that scenario it will be unjust for this man(Afzal). What a weak argument? When our soldiers fight in the battle,they kill the enemies that come in their way, but should they spare these enemy solders just because other enemy solders are not being killed?

The one who is helping terrorist is also a terrorist, and a terrorist's punishment cannot be evaluated on sentimental grounds. Above all, can a terrorist be given the consideration that are given to a civilian?