Monday, January 21, 2008

Spirit of Cricket R.I.P.(ed) courtesy R.I.P. (Ricky Integrity Ponting)

Prospect of winning 16 test matches in a row is a lucrative one. But how far a person can go to achieve that? Answer lies with Mr Ricky Integrity Ponting. They got full support from field umpires. When two umpires were not enough, third umpire also chipped in with handy contributions. Add to those, Mr integrity started playing 4th umpire and helped field umpires by taking decisions on their behalf. Bad umpiring decisions are not new in cricket. And often they lead to dramatic turnarounds in balanced matches. Third umpire was introduced to reduce those human errors. But this time 3rd umpire also faltered. If that was not enough to win match, Mr integrity shamelessly started claiming false catches.

Aussies have been bullying their guest teams for years. As soon as a tour starts they start building psychological pressure on the touring captain. Sourav Ganguly lead a young team that was not afraid of giving tit for tat. And got good success. Since then people thought that there is only one way to deal with Aussies. Give them what they give you. When Anil kumble was named captain of the touring Indian team, Aussies might have taken a sigh of relief because the man in question was known for his good conduct and is regarded as a gentleman in the cricket world. Its easier to bully a polite person than a brat. And the way Aussies behave on the field, it was clear that they wanted to win at any cost. At any cost.....But at the end the cost they are asked to pay is simply too costly, probably they had not estimated that cost before.

India did not stoop to the level of cheating to counter Aussies ways. They kept playing their game with dignity and honesty. No shouting back no swearing at opposition. All Kumble did was to give one remark at the presentation ceremony..."Only one team was playing in right spirits" That's all. Check Mate Mr Ponting. That's modern Gandhigiri. All the antiques aussies performed during those 5 days suddenly started looking foolish and kiddish. Their own supporters and former players started questioning them. And Mr Ponting was questioned by media about the missing sportsman spirit in Aussie team. They have buried down their sportsman spirit under down the pile of 16 Test matches win. He will take some time to see when and where they lost touch with the spirit. All he could say,"Whoever has the doubt on my Integrity should not be in this room". Wow what a way to answer the serious questions that are directed towards your character.
Any one whose integrity is being questioned, should he be leading a Number 1 Team of the world?

Any answer to this Mr. R.I.P.?