Friday, May 04, 2012

The Affair

I distinctly remember, it was last Friday of Oct, 2003 when I first saw you. My heart skipped a beat, my jaw dropped to floor and my eyes did not blink for a whole minute. It was a very different feeling altogether. The feeling was something out of the world. Just 15 minutes back, I was sitting in Barista, sipping warm cappuccino on that cold evening, thinking of you. And just then as if you had read my mind, you appeared from nowhere.

Then it became a regular affair. We started meeting without any fail. No matter where I was or how busy I was with work or with friends, my attention was always diverted as soon as you turn up. The moment you arrived, I would leave everything and concentrate on you, as if nothing else mattered more. That single moment when I used to catch your first glimpse was everything for me.

When I told my friends about you, I could see how jealous they became of me. Some told me that I was ‘Lucky’ to have you, and some told me that I fully deserved you. The day I took you to my mom, for the first time, she literally cried of joy. She knew that her son had grown and matured into a man. My father felt proud of me.

I switched jobs and changed places, went abroad but never missed a date with you. Such strong has been the bond between us.

Dear SALARY, please continue your affair with me. As already done in the past, never ever miss our date i.e. last working day of every month.

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Anonymous said...

Good one Sirji........

- Maggi